The Jewellers Assocation, Jaipur



The Jewellers Association, Jaipur was established in the year 1927, for the betterment and growth of Gem & Jewellery Trade of Jaipur. The struggle for existence for the trade excentuated during the world war when there was shortage of imported material. The appearance of synthetics gave a fresh impetus to the trade and it was able to revive quickly and attain its past glory. It is due to the growth of foreign market and many of the crisis the trade faced. It was clearly manifested to every partner in the trade whether a cutter or a broker that they should stand united under a single banner and thus the necessity to pay more attention to the appeals for united action under the Association was realised and members became more active and extended their fullest cooperation to it.



The Association has its own building in the midst of Johari Bazar, Jaipur. The Association has acquired a leading place among Jewellery Association in India. As Jaipur is ranked foremost in jewellery trade, rightly also the Association has won its place in the jewellery trade on the whole.



The Association publishes a Bi-monthly magazine Gem World wherein technical and organisational matters regarding the trade are discussed.



The Association runs a Dharmshala aptly named Janopyogi Bhawan situated at Janta Colony, Jaipur. It was especially made for the benefit of the patients and their attendants coming to Psycatric centre situated nearby, by providing them accommodation at very nominal charges.



The Association runs Dharam Kanta at its office premises. This Dharam Kanta is considered to be accurate and authentic by the Gem & Jewellery Trade of Jaipur.



The Association has various sub-committees, which helps in smooth functioning of association and trade as well , like Trade Regulatory Sub Committee, Panch Faisla Sub Committee and others.