Jewellers Association help the daily worker plz contact & Sms excutive committee Member

To help Corona Virus Crises: Jewellers Association Jaipur has decided to collect 51 lacs as of now.
Out of this 21 lacs will be contributed to CM Relief Fund and 30 lacs will be spend to help society directly. JA will help needy persons directly by providing complete food packets costing Rs.1000 per family for next 15 days. 
We, at Jewellers Association most humbly invite  the members to contribute to help the daily workers. Any of Association members and their friends who are interested to contribute may please contact the executive committee members of Jewellers Association by WhatsApp or SMS for the number of food packets they wish to contribute. It should be minimum for 5 families (5,000) and could be up to 100 families (1,00,000). Choice is yours. 
Service to humanity is the best work of life.
Sanjay Kala 9829010411
Rajesh Dhamani 9829014776
D. P. Khandelwal 9829055435
Neeraj Lunawat 9829056188
Raju Agarwal Mangodiwala 9829011339
Alok Sonkhiya 9829053333
Ashok Maheshwari 9929447497
Arun Gokhroo 9829013560
Krishna Kr. Agarwal 9829064598
Mahendra kr. Agarwal 9829015406
Manoj Dhandia 9829061509
Naresh Agroya 9829063632
Nirmal Kumar Bardiya 9839013818
Rajesh Jain 9829012133
Ram Sharan Gupta 9829010730
Sunil Batwara 9829051935
Sunil Manihar 9829056052
Vijay Kedia 9829013201